Welcome to HIRER
Increasing the digital competencies of HR management trainers through Minecraft Escape Rooms
                          The Initiative

COVID-19 has accelerated hybrid work as a legal right for European employees, necessitating a digital transformation in HR. This requires enhancing hybrid skills, leadership, and culture, while gamification is gaining power in HR through games and gamified learning.
                            Target Groups

The project will focus mainly on engaging HR managers, leaders, and professionals, as well as VET trainers responsible for HRM training. Participation in the project is open to individuals who meet the following criteria: average to low-skilled (up to EQF level 3), digitally illiterate (basic computer/smartphone skills required), possessing a B1 English language proficiency level, and demonstrating high motivation to enhance hybrid skills.
                                The Project

 The project includes a hands-on MOOC and Minecraft-based escape rooms to enhance soft skills and digital competences, fostering an online community for support and cross-sectoral collaboration. Prioritizing innovation and sustainability, HIRER utilizes gamification, AI, and open software to ensure engaging and adaptive training, aligning with the evolving demands of digital HRM.